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How to Answer Competency Interview Questions

Do you find competency interview questions difficult?  We can help you develop a new strategy to answer these questions with confidence.  We have successfully coached clients to repackage their strengths and identify a new career path that works for them and land more job offers.  


Sandra Laws is our experienced Job Interview Specialist & Careers Coach.  Sandra has over 15 years experience as a hiring manager and in recruitment.    


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Feeling Stressed About Your Interview? 

Does your mind go blank when you are asked competency interview questions?


Have you lost confidence after several unsuccessful job interviews?


Do you struggle with competency-based interview questions?

Are you planning to return to work after a career break or are you seeking your first job?

Have you been made redundant and you have not had a job interview for several years?


Job Interviews can be a daunting experience.  We are here to help you through this process with effective techniques on how to answer those tricky interview questions, unlock your strengths, gain an understanding of how the selection process works and land job offers.  

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The Interview Answer Roadmap is your ultimate guide, packed with valuable tools and strategies to help you shine during every stage of the interview process.

I would like to invite you to join our waitlist today for early bird offers for the upcoming release of our Interview Answers Roadmap!  

 Client Feedback

 "We have worked with Purple Transitions Personal Growth for the past two years and highly recommend its services. Sandra is extremely professional and attentive; tailoring sessions to the needs of our clients.  Sandra has provided 1:1 employment sessions and group workshops, building the confidence of individuals in the communities we work. The Beginning Group look forward to further collaborations with Purple Transitions Personal Growth in the near future" - The Beginning Group.  More Client Feedback


Nail The Job Interview!

There is a clear link between preparation and the candidates who are successful at interviews. The ability to perform effectively in job interviews is an essential life skill you will need throughout your working life.   A recent Study by the Association of Accounting Technicians estimates that the average person in the UK will work for at least six different employers over their lifetime. 

Purple Transitions Personal Growth provides a one-to-one holistic interview skills and career coaching service. Our professional coaching helps you to prepare for different types of interviews: value-based and competency interview questions

One on One Coaching - via Microsoft Teams or Telephone

  • Competency Based Interview Coaching

  • Mock Interview

  • Personalised Written Feedback

  • Email support

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