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  • Sandra Laws - Career Coach

How to Achieve Your Career Goals in 2023

Is 2023 the year you will embrace change in your career and find a job that you really enjoy? I believe that life is too short to remain in job that you do not enjoy or a job that is impacting negatively on your wellbeing. It is never too late and you are never too old to make a change and find a job that you enjoy. You are probably reading this blog as you are looking for change in your career but need more clarity on how to achieve this goal.

A new year is an opportunity for take some calculated risks in your career and life. Whenever I have taken calculated risks, I have made progress. Several years ago, I resigned from a well-paying job and took a 50% pay cut. The position and organisation did not align with my strengths, skills, and values. I re-created a career that I enjoy, found meaningful work that aligns with my purpose. I have never looked back; this decision has led to many amazing opportunities. Had I not taken this step, I would not have been open to new possibilities.

Your focus will be very important in 2023 as there is so much gloom, disruption, and pessimism around the globe. Make a commitment to yourself of what you want to achieve in 2023, no matter what comes your way. According to Susan Jeffers, author of Feel the Fear and Beyond: “we have a choice; we can choose how we want to react to any situation. It means not blaming anyone for anything you are doing. Not the economy not the government. You are responsible for what is happening around you”.

For many years, I remained stuck in my comfort zone. I remained in jobs for many years because of my fear of what might go wrong if I left the job. Although these jobs were not aligned with my strengths or my values, I did not take the right action. This was a dreary existence: on Sunday evenings I would get this negative feeling when I thought about my job. There have been times where I just wanted a new challenge in my career but I was not able to narrow down my options. Once I assessed my values on a deeper level, I was able to focus on what really mattered in my life. What is 2023 going to be about for your career? Will 2023 be year of thriving against all odds or will it be a repetition of 2022? Today I am going to drill down and explore five keys to help you achieve your goals this year.


Before you can move forward into 2023, you need to take stock and look back at 2022. Self-reflection is crucial if you want to succeed in your goal. Let’s review some of your highlights for 2022:

  • What were you most proud of in 2022?

  • What did you learn about yourself while working on your goals last year?

  • What didn’t go to plan? What unexpected situations knocked you off track?

  • What challenges did you overcome last year?

  • What do you need to do differently to have a more fulfilling career in 2023?

Put Your Goals in Writing

By writing own your goals, you will gain clarity on where you are and what you want for your career in 2023. Have a long-term vision for your career instead of focusing on the now. Start looking at where you want to be five to ten years from today. This will change how you manage your time and how to approach your goal milestones.

  • What stage are you at in your career?

  • What do you want?

  • Write down clear steps on how you will hit your career goals?

  • How will you manage your milestones?

  • What things could stop you from achieving your goals this year?

  • How will you manage interruptions and setbacks?


An effective goal should include the following elements:

  • Specific.

  • Measurable.

  • Achievable.

  • Relevant.

  • Time-bound

Difference Between Dream and a Goal

In chapter 15 of the book the Chimp Paradox, Dr. Steve Peters discussed the difference between a dream and a goal. Dr. Peters points out that a dream is something you want to happen, but it is not fully under your control. A dream has outside influences and therefore you cannot guarantee it will happen; it is just a wish. A Goal is something that you can set and achieve because you have full control of them. Goals increase the chances of dreams happening.

Dr. Peters's Examples of a Dream and a Goal:

A Dream: wanting to get a job when you are interviewed (your success depends on what interview panel is looking for and whether there are stronger candidates).

A Goal Supporting the Dream:

  • Preparing yourself for a job interview

  • Understanding what the job is about

  • Dressing appropriately

  • Practicing interview techniques

My key takeaway from the Chimp Paradox is the fewer tasks you focus on the more likely you are to succeed.

Visualise the Outcome

In the book Creative Visualisation, Shakti Gawain describes creative visualization as a technique where you use your imagination to create what you want in your life. You are already using your imagination every day. Imagination is the ability to create an idea or a mental picture in your mind. In creative visualization, you use your imagination to create a clear image of something you want to create or achieve Continue to focus on the image regularly with positive energy until it become a reality. The key important message that Shakti Gawain is highlighting is that our imagination is a powerful tool in achieving our goals.

In contrast, Albert Einstein held a similar view: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” When it comes to goal setting, I envision the type of career I want and I use this picture as a guiding light as I complete my daily tasks

Success is a Team Activity - Accountability

It can be very challenging for individuals to achieve success alone. An accountability partner plays an important role in increasing a person’s chances of achieving a goal. An accountability partner supports an individual to keep their commitment to achieve a goal and stay on track. The accountability partner would have a clear understanding of the goal and key milestones. Many weight loss groups have an accountability framework: there are regular check in meetings and accountability buddies to help to motivate and hold participants accountable for their weight loss goals.

My experience of having an accountability partner for project goals was a game changer. My weekly accountability meetings supported me to stay on track for my goals to ensure agreed tasks were completed. Without an accountability partner, I would have not progressed as quickly through the milestones within agreed timelines. I made it a priority to show up for accountability meetings as I did not want to let down the accountability partner.

What accountability framework could you put in place to help you to progress in achieving your goals this year? To get started, you can make a list of your networks, friends, colleagues and mentors who might be a suitable accountability partner. Contact potential accountability partners and tell them about your goals and intentions for 2023. Once you have identified a match, put a date in the calendar for your initial meeting. At the first meeting you can both agree on the structure and frequency of the communication that will work for both of you.

Finally, achieving success does not happen without the support of others. It very rare that individuals achieve success by doing it alone. To thrive and succeed in our goals, we need others as mirror and guide. An accountability framework is a key element in achieving your career goals and making 2023 your best year ever!!

“A year from now you may wish you had started today” – Karen Lamb.

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