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  • Sandra Laws - Career Coach

Mid-Life Career Plan

The world of work has changed. Life expectancy has increased significantly. Those aged 45 to 60 is represents nearly one in three of the UK work force. According to the Centre for Better Aging: The UK’s population is undergoing a tremendous age shift. In less than 20 years, one in four people will be over 65. In the UK, the current state pension age is 66 years for men and women. In the past many people looked forward to retiring early at 55 or 62, but the goal post has been moved. The retirement age in the UK has been increasing over the past decade from 60 to 66 years

We are going to have to look differently at retirement and prepare a longer working life. We must prepare for these changes if we want to continue to thrive in later life.

Although many employers offer pre-retirement workshops to their over employees aged over fifty, many of these workshops focus on pensions savings rather than mid-life careering planning. Whilst pension savings are extremely important, people need to guidance on how to adjust to working in the later part of their career as they transition into retirement.

The best time to begin to begin looking at this is in your mid-forties. It is important to start thinking about what you would like your career to look like in the later chapter of your working life.

Mid-Life Career Review Tips

  • Self-awareness to manage your working life in your fifties and sixties

  • Get a forecast of your pension savings

  • Explore career opportunities – retrain or self-employment

  • Flexible working hours - work life balance

  • semi-retirement

  • Part-time work

Challenges at Mid-Life

  • Caring responsibilities for elderly relatives

  • Redundancy

  • Financial supporting adult children’s

  • Divorce, family breakdown

  • Not open to new ways of doing things.

  • Fear about future finances

What Are Your Career Plans for your 50s to 60s?

  • What type of work do you want to do in your later working life?

  • Have you planned how you will transition into retirement?

Have You Planned When You Will Retire?

  1. I plan to retire early as I have pension savings & Investments.

  2. I need to work until I reach state pension age, but I would like to reduce my hours to carve out more time for myself. There are things I still want to do in my life.

  3. I do plan to work beyond statement retirement age to maintain my lifestyle and would like to re-train or start my own business.

Top Tip

it is not too late to take stock. A mid-life career check-up can help you to make realistic choices about your future.

I hope this topic will be a stepping stone to help you to take stock of your mid-life career plans.

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