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  • Sandra Laws - Career Coach

Interview Success Tip

Do you know when the interview assessment actually begins? I like to share a great tip that my clients find useful for their interview preparation.

Did you know that many interview candidates are evaluated from the time they walk into the building? Very often the hiring manager will ask the front desk receptionist for feedback on how the candidate came across. In my role as a hiring manager, I would ask the front desk receptionist for feedback on candidates. On one occasion, the front desk receptionist reported that a candidate was extremely rude to her as he was unhappy that his interview slot was running 30 minutes behind schedule. On another occasion, the front desk receptionist noticed that one candidate did not hold the door open for a person who was following directly behind him - the door subsequently slammed in the person's face. Did you know that the person who had the door slammed in their face was a senior director of the organisation! The way we treat others can reflect our values.

Our values play an important indicator on how we may respond to certain situations. Stressful situation can arise in the work environment and the ability to remain calm and be a team player is a key attribute that recruiters look for in candidates.

One of my clients was invited to a 3-day interview assessment a couple of years ago. During the interview feedback, she became aware that she was evaluated from the time she arrived at the reception desk and her interactions with other candidates during lunch breaks was also observed.

Remember, the interview evaluation may begin as soon as you enter the building.

Good luck in your next job interview and have a great day!



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