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Sandra Laws
Job Interview Specialist & Careers Coach

What Clients Are Saying

"What differentiates Sandra from other coaches is her authenticity, she truly cares about her clients developing the skills they need to get the job in a very competitive environment. She is intuitive in identifying areas for your improvement whilst empowering you to think critically so you become proactive in the process which develops your growth mindset. I am very grateful to her as she challenged me and helped me succeed in my landing my current job which happens to be the best role of my working life"  -  Shirmet S.

Sandra is a qualified ILM Coach & Mentor.  Sandra is based in Manchester, UK.  Sandra 's mission is to coach individuals to discover their strengths and empower them with the tools to transform their career. Sandra has  combined her experience as a hiring manager, a recruitment professional and coach to help clients land job offers.  Sandra also coaches clients to land promotions and to transition to a new career path.  


Sandra holds the Institute of Leadership & Management Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring.  Sandra is a law graduate, Bachelors of Laws (Hons) LLB.  Sandra has a 30 year career in the public and commercial sectors, primarily in recruitment, staff management, corporate governance,  project management and business operations.


In addition to Sandra's work with clients, she is a Mentor at non-for-profit organisations, where she mentors year 12 students in a Mock Interview Skills Programme.  She also mentors job seekers at social enterprises and community groups. Sandra is passionate about empowering individuals to step out of their comfort zone to get the job they want and thrive in their careers. 

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