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 One-to-One Interview Coaching 

If you are someone who becomes overwhelmed  & not quite sure when to start when preparing for a job interview then you have come to right place.  One-to-one coaching can help you to identify blind spots in your interview performance.  I have listed below some frequently asked questions to assist you in booking a coaching session. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in a Standard interview Coaching Session?

The session also includes an initial evaluation where I will assess your interview skills by asking you questions about the recent interviews you have attended and I ask you a couple of  interview questions to identify any areas that require further development.  Prior to the session I will request a copy of your CV and job description of the roles you are applying for.  In summary, the coaching session will include the following:

  • Preparation: Initial evaluation of client's interview skills 

  • Interview Coaching 

  • Interview Techniques & Tips

  • Written Interview feedback

  • Three weeks of email support and accountability

  • A Starter Interview Prep Kit 

Where do the coaching sessions take place?

The sessions are online via Microsoft Teams or telephone. 


How do I book a one to one coaching session?

 I would recommend that you email Sandra, Careers Coach on this link to arrange your coaching session.  


How do I pay for a coaching session?
Once we have agreed on a convenient date and time for your session, I will email you
a PayPal invoice.  You can choose to pay the invoice using a Paypal account or pay by
using major credit or debit card.


Interview Coaching 

60 Minutes    £99.00

Package Includes:

  • Preparation Work

  • 60-Minutes 

One-to-One  Interview Coaching 

  • Written Feedback with Action Plan

  • 3 Weeks of Email Support

  • Starter Interview Prep Kit 

Competency Mock

Interview Coaching 

90 Minutes   £187.00

Package Includes:

  • Preparation Work

  • 90 Minutes 

One-to-One Competency Based Interview Coaching & Mock Interview, with Techniques & Tips

  • Written Feedback with Action Plan

  • 4 Weeks of Email Support

  • Starter Interview Prep Kit 

Career Coaching 

3 x 60-Minute Sessions


Package Includes:

  • Preparation Work


  • 3 x 60-minute sessions

  • One-to-One Career Coaching

  • Written Feedback with Action Plan

  • 5 Weeks of Email Support

  • Starter Interview Kit


Interview Coaching Packages

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