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Client Feedback

"What differentiates Sandra from other coaches is her authenticity, she truly cares about her clients developing the skills they need to get the job in a very competitive environment. She is intuitive in identifying areas for your improvement whilst empowering you to think critically so you become proactive in the process which develops your growth mindset. I am very grateful to her as she challenged me and helped me succeed in my landing my current job which happens to be the best role of my working life"  -  Shirmet S.


"The coaching sessions were absolutely fantastic because it taught me many things. I had no idea how to apply for a job, what do I need to mention on job interview or even the job I'm applying does it suit me. During sessions I learnt what are the main points I need to describe on job interview and how can I explain my experiences. I got lots of support, I used to complete my job applications and sent them to Sandra to review, which was very helpful" - Janet L.

"I found Sandra to be helpful, professional and the mock interview was second to none; she gave me the confidence to strive to do my best in the interview.  The coaching gave me more depth and insight into what it is involved in an interview. Her approach was uplifting and encouraging each time I told her I had landed a job interview. The coaching has given me the confidence to believe in myself" - Judith O.

 "The coaching was fantastic and has helped me massively, the 3 main benefits I would say are I feel more confident, more open and more wanting to go further and learn skills. I feel more relaxed after the coaching and more confident and feel I am ready to go and find work or learn more skills through courses or workshops.  Thanks Sandra,  I would like to say a massive thanks to you for your ongoing support through this period" - Kiranjot K.

"The efforts and close attention given to my interests and requests by Sandra were very helpful. I feel more hopeful. I received much useful information that I would otherwise have been entirely ignorant of. She went above and beyond with her time and assistance. Thank you Sandra" - Susan O. 

 "Interview anxiety and lack of confidence have all gone.   Sandra has been an excellent sounding board, very supportive during my journey to progression, provided sound advice on interview techniques, reminded me of my skills, experience and my worth. As a result, I am even more determined to succeed and progress to the next level" -  Julie P

 "We have worked with Purple Transitions Personal Growth for the past two years and highly recommend its services. Sandra is extremely professional and attentive; tailoring sessions to the needs of our clients.  Sandra has provided 1:1 employment sessions and group workshops, building the confidence of individuals in the communities we work. The Beginning Group look forward to further collaborations with Purple Transitions Personal Growth in the near future" - The Beginning Group.    

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