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Competency Interview Questions Workbook

The Competency Interview Questions Workbook will put you in the driving seat of your interview.  The workbook is designed to help you to learn how to answer common competency interview questions in clear easy steps.

Who is Competency Interview Questions Workbook For?

  • You have had several unsuccessful interviews. You find it challenging to answer competency-based (behavioural) questions. 


  • You have not had an interview for some time and need a refresher to upgrade your interview skills. 


  • You are planning to return to the workplace after a career break.


  • You were employed in a job for many years and unexpectedly been made redundant.


  • You are new to the job market and seeking your first job.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to use a 4-step formula to develop your answer and to make your answers stand out..


  • How to answer common interview questions from real-life interviews.


  • Understand why recruiters use competency-based questions.

  • How to manage yourself when asked an interview question that you do not fully understand.


The Competency Interview Questions Workbook includes:


  • 35-page E-Workbook: common interview questions & answers, checklists, interview answer formula, reflection, action plan exercise and interview tips.  There are spaces in the workbook to write you own answers.  

Bonus:  Interview Prep Planner Worksheets to keep track of your important interview dates and goals.


Take the next step to master the techniques of how to answer competency interview questions and eliminate anxiety about competency questions.  


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